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Thiersee Kufstein

THIERSEE | A Weekend in a picturesque landscape | Amazing Mountains and a lot of Nature

Forgotten shorts, a scraped knee, the children’s film “Two Times Lotte” and an unforeseen trip to “Kiefersfelden” have in common with a wonderful and relaxing weekend on Lake “Thiersee”, I would like to tell you today.

On the way to Lake “Thiersee”

Lake “Thiersee” is located in Austria in the province of Tyrol, in the beautiful “”Kufsteinerland”. It can be reached quickly and easily by car from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. From Italy the fastest way is via the “Brenner” motorway, if you want it a bit more spectacular you can choose the “Plöckenpass” or the “Reschenpass”. The easiest route from Germany is from Munich, via Rosenheim in a southerly direction to “Kufstein”. We came from Switzerland and chose the way over the “Arlberg”. Due to lack of time we had to pass through the EUR 10 expensive Arlberg tunnel. On the way back we had more time and chose the Arlberg Pass. If you have enough time, I definitely recommend the latter.

Info: When crossing Alpine passes, always observe the possible winter blockage


Lake “Thiersee”

Lake “Thiersee” is a picturesque lake surrounded by a unique mountain scenery, gentle meadows and green forests, which invite you to hike and relax. Refuel your batteries in this wonderful nature. The valley of “”Thiersee”” with its three places: “Vorderthiersee” with the idyllic small village called “Thiersee”. The “Hinterthiersee”” on the sunny high plateau and the cosy village of “Landl”.


Camping Rueppenhof

For this weekend we decided to use a natural camping site at the lake for our stay.

As always we left home a little too late and got stuck in traffic, so we had a delay and it was not enough for us to arrive at the site by 8 pm. Luckily, Barbara, the owner, was kind enough to wait for us. So we were able to arrive until 9 pm. And we were really lucky to get a spot directly on the lake with an almost private bench. Thanks to Barbara 🙂

The camp site is private and the second one on the lake. You need to pass another campsite.

Camping Rueppenhof Thiersee

A one-hour taster course in archery is organised by the campsite. It is free and you can participate spontaneously.

Camping Rueppenhof Thiersee

The sanitary facilities are retro, clean and functional. A washing machine is available. The campsite uses green electricity and the water comes from its own well for dishwashing. We also used it as drinking water.

Camping Rueppenhof Thiersee

The owners are very helpful and especially Barbara helped us to find the best trails for our tours with the mountain bike and for hiking. She was always very helpful, very friendly and nice. We really enjoyed our stay on this campsite and surely will come back! Go to Website of Camping Rueppenhof

What is it that makes Lake “Thiersee” so special?

As you can imagine: I’m a nature lover. Magnificent landscape, rough mountains, steep trails and gorgeous views in the loneliness of nature. This is what I love. All of this you can find around the “Thiersee” during off-season, which is in spring or autumn. High season is in July/August and during winter time. The region is also well-known for skiing.

For all german speaking ladies out there in my age (which age 😉 ) you might remember the children movie “Two Times Lotte” (in german: Doppeltes Lottchen), which is the film adaptation of Erich Kästner’s eponymous book. The black and white film version from 1950 was shot on Lake “Thiersee”. And if you are like me, then you remember different scenes from the movie again when you walk along the lake. For me – a nice childhood memory.


Day 1: Forgotten trousers and a mountainbike tour to “Kiefersfelden” in Germany

As always, I had packed a few things under time pressure. The supposedly beige shorts landed in the dress box of “The Rolling Beast”. But as it turned out on the first morning, only the color reminded me of my shorts. Instead I took my linen pants with me, which are rather unsuitable for hiking and cycling tours. For a weather forecast with temperatures up to 27°C I really need shorts. But where can I get one? The village “Thiersee” has only a supermarket and small shops, like a bakery and a butcher’s shop. We had the choice: shopping centre “Kufstein” or sports shop in Kiefersfelden, both of course by bicycle, as we did not want to dismantle the roof tent and all the camping material. Besides, we wanted to do a short bike tour anyway. We decided on the sports shop in Kiefersfelden. So a planned short bike tour turned into an unplanned long one through a beautiful landscape and a detour to the “Hechtsee”.

The Route

Have a look on the above map under Day 1 – MTB Tour to Kiefersfelden.

Pass the village of “Thiersee” and follow the signs to “Wachtl” and later to “Kiefersfelden”. After the “Gasthof Wachtl” you reach the stream “Kiefersbach” in the valley. After a few kilometres on the paved road, a bridge crosses the creek. From here there are two possible routes: The northern route along the creek is paved and a normal little frequented side road. The southern path is a narrow romantic path through the forest. I recommend taking the latter.

Since I was in a hurry to buy my shorts, I chose the paved road. My husband with dog Romeo took the slow version and we met in Kiefersfelden after my short shopping tour. For the way back we decided to take the beautiful forest path.


Before we went back on the road for a few kilometres, we made a detour to the “Hechtsee”. As the path was steep and with steps up, we decided to leave our bikes in the valley and walked the 5 minutes to the lake. And it was worth it. A fantastic forest lake awaited us. Even water-shy Romeo liked it and started splashing in the lake. Probably to cool the hot paws. *just kidding*


On the way back to “Thiersee” we made a stop at the “Gasthof Wachtl” to enjoy an ice-cold beer. We really deserved it. The owner even started the deep fryer for us and we got a portion of fries. Not quite as healthy as usual, but just delicious! 😉 He was also very fond of Romeo and liked him. He would seldom have seen a dog lying so good beside the table and not barking. Mostly the dog owners come with badly educated fur noses, which bark permanently. He would then politely ask them to leave the garden. But he even took pictures of Romeo to share on Facebook, he was so excited about him.

The last way to “Thiersee” passed without further incidents and we arrived tired and happy at the campsite.

Day 2 – A scraped knee and an ascent through the creek bed, followed by an incredible view over the valley

Have a look on the above map under Day 2 – MTB Tour to “Schneeberg”.

We decided for a mountain bike tour to Schneeberg because we really wanted to enjoy the great view from above. But as simple as it seemed at first glance, it wasn’t. As always, everything is different with us. 😉 At first we couldn’t find the right way up the mountain. During our search, my husband with Romeo on the leash was somewhat unfocused and pulled the wrong brake and landed on the gravel road. The result: a scraped knee and a bruise on the upper arm. But it didn’t stop him from driving. So we went on searching for the right way again. After we landed in the middle of a farm, we found a hiking trail that led through the stream bed to the mountain. A challenge to juggle with dog and bicycle through the creek. 😉 At some point we encountered the forest road that corresponded to our original route. On the “Schneeberg” we were rewarded with a great view and of course a cold beer in the “Alpengasthof Schneeberg”. For the way back we took the bike path that was parallel to the road in the valley. No more incidents that day. 🙂

Day 3 – Hike to “Vorderer Sonnberg” with a panoramic view on the “Kaisergebirge”

Have a look on the above map under Day 3 – Circular hiking trail “”Vorderer Sonnberg””

On the third day we decided to mount the “Vorderer Sonnberg”. The way led us first along the “Thiersee”, through the village on the hill in the direction of “Krapf”. After crossing the road to “Bayrisch Zell” and the “Thierseer Ach” it went steeply uphill. At the beginning only on an asphalt road and we were afraid that it would stay that way. But from the “Hinterer Trojer” the trail began and we enjoyed the solitude. Apparently not many people are coming here this time of year. On our hike we got the tip for an alp which is not yet cultivated at this time of year, but offers a spectacular view over the “Thiersee” valley to the “Kaisergebirge”. We didn’t let them tell us twice and went looking for the mountain hut! 🙂 Of course we found it and could enjoy a fabulous view. Have a look in the photo gallery, I promise you won’t regret.

Thiersee Kufstein

We took the descent back over the Vordere Trojer to “Thiersee”. So we had a circular trail over the “Vorderer Sonnberg”.

The next day we left the wonderful valley of “Thiersee” to drive home again.


“Thiersee” is always worth a long weekend, especially for recharging your batteries and doing sports. However, avoid the high season in July and August. Enjoy and stay safe!

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