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Reading Recommendations

Reading List

I’m a real bookworm. Whether travel guides, maps or quite simply novels, nothing is safe from me. You will find a large selection of my favourite tips here.
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All things


Whether it’s camping or hiking equipment, good quality and practicality, as well as durability and handling, are important for me to enjoy my adventure.
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Music for the road

Music on the Road

Good music is a must for me on a trip. I associate many cool songs with my adventures abroad. Are you feeling the same? Then find musical inspiration on my music list.
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Food on the Road


I prefer healthy food and snacks while travelling. Moreover I eat cruelty free. Find a large variety on healthy and organic food and snacks here.
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Cosmetics & Cleaning

Shoppingliste Kosmetik_821

100% bio degreabable, vegan and cruelty free. This is a must for me when it comes to cosmetics, laundry & cleaning products. Check out my shopping list!
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All you need for your dog

Shoppingliste Dogs

All my personal recommended products in use for travelling with Romeo, my Podenco Andaluz. Have a look!
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Travel Guides & Maps

Reiseplanung 2018_bw_small

On my trips I prefer the hard copy of maps and travel guides to better browse them and to find the best offroad roads. Have a look!
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Roof Top Tent Setup

Shoppingliste Roof tent

Tools to help set up and take down your roof tent! This products help me a lot!
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Sports on the Road

Shopping List Sport

I want to keep me fit during my road trips. For cardio I use a jump rope, for my inner power my yoga mat and the black roll. Check it out!
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