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Jura Sunset Cover


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Jura Sunset Cover

My secret love in the fantastic country of Switzerland:
the nature park “Parc du Doubs” in the Swiss Jura.


Corner stones

  • Country: Switzerland / France
  • Region: Jura
  • Experiences & adventures: nature, forest, meadows, biking, hiking, wildlife, deer, wild boars

It feels like in a fairy tale. Lush meadows of flowers and a constant buzz of insects and bees. Wild animals like deer and wild boars often cross the way. Farming cows, horses and goats in the open air is very important in the Jura. The calves are also allowed to stay with their mothers after birth, which is why you often see them still suckling.

The cattle graze everywhere, in the woods, on the meadows and sometimes it happens that some of them even stand on the road. Therefore, away from the main road, you can find so-called bovi stops, which are pasture grids or gates that can be crossed. There are even villages where the cows have a free roam and use the village well instead of the drinking trough. 🙂

Thus, it is not surprising that many have lost their fear and shyness of humans. Mostly the opposite is the case. They are very curious. So it can easily happen that you find yourself in the middle of a herd of cows and calves. Happened to me at the Jura campsite. The cow was so curious that Romeo had to flee into the Beast.

Unforgettable encounters

At another place I had an unforgettable encounter with fawns. Curious were the little ones and even sniffed my leg. After they made sure that I meant no danger, they jumped frisky over the meadow and disappeared again in the forest. Thus I succeeded in taking a great photo. One thing is for sure – I will never forget these 30 seconds.


The river Doubs

The Doubs River has dug deep into the Jura rock. Bizarre rocks and gorges, but also lovely meadows can be found along its banks. In many places, the Doubs is also the border river to France. Goumois is a small border village, deep down in the valley of the Doubs. Very idyllically situated. In winter the weather is very rough in this area, but in spring and summer the Doubs often resembles a rain forest. Much warmer than up on the Jura heights. The flora and fauna is very numerous near the river and there are many different species of birds to see. Even orchids can be found here in the wild.

Hiking – don’t forget your camera

Along the river there are miles of trails for extended hikes and bike rides. Many of the trails are also accessible by car. You will seldom find real off-road, but there are enough gravel roads and forest paths that can be used. Wild camping is generally prohibited in the nature park. But there are beautiful places where it is worth asking the local farmer for permission.

Most important rules of conduct in the National Park

  • Camping is not allowed, only in designated areas: Click here for the Wild Camping rules!
  • Dog must be kept on a leash
  • open fire is generally allowed, there are fireplaces everywhere (in hot and dry summers, however, a fire ban may be imposed in exceptional cases)
  • fishing and hunting are forbidden
  • avoid littering if possible, otherwise take it with you and dispose of it in designated garbage cans outside the park
Jura Sunset

Permitted pitches, which are also very nicely located:

  • Camping Saignelegier
  • Kajak Verein Goumois
  • Stellplatz Jura – Le Belmont/La Motte
  • Camping Moulin du Doubs
  • Camping Tariche

Cell phone & Internet reception

At the Doubs itself is unfortunately a very poor cell phone reception, whether Swiss or French network. Beware of roaming charges, as the network changes more often.

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