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Betty & Romeo

Read about Betty, Romeo and The Rolling Beast, her Land Rover Defender

Who I am

My name is Betty and it is a great pleasure for me that you have found your way on my site. My friends always say that I am the most energetic and craziest woman they have ever met. And yes, that might be true. I am a true adventurer since I am a child. I had the opportunity to travel with my parents since I am born.

My story

We used to travel with our trailer to most of the south European countries. As a young grown up I forgot the natural way of travelling how I was used to with my parents. I  travelled by plane which started to be very popular at that time. Nevertheless I have seen a lot of wonderful places but I always missed something which I was not able to name. One day I realized that it might be the speed of travelling which I was not made for. Travelling by plane and with public transportations, not able to stop where I want, staying in anonymous and noisy hotel rooms, eating food I did not even like and sitting alone in a restaurant while everybody is staring at me. Travelling this way was not making me happy anymore.  Nowadays I prefer to travel in a slower pace by stopping where I want, sleeping in my own bed under the stars and waking up from the sounds of the birds, cooking over an open fire and having dinner in the nature.

Romeo – my dog and travel companion

At this point Romeo needs to be mentioned. He has been the funny fur nose who changed my life completely in 2014. He showed me that nothing can be so important than living your life, loving every second of your life, being in the moment. As I adopted him I promised him that we will stay together our whole life and that he will accompany me wherever I go. Travelling by plane with Romeo was no option. As I wanted to travel slower I decided to buy the Beast – a Land Rover Defender. Enough space for us to travel together and exploring the world. Why I decided especially for a Land Rover Defender will be soon available in my blog.

Professional life

In my professional life I started within the travel industry, specifically in hotel management. Some years ago I have left the travel industry due to the bad working conditions such as low salary and unsocial working times. Currently I am working in a small IT company selling SaaS.

Travel dreams

But now in the mid of my life I have decided to live MY life and not the life for others anymore. Therefore my beloved husband Heiko and myself are planning a life trip to North- and South America. On my website you will find all the planning, all information about the modifications on the Beast, further equipment and much more. Most of the technical modifications especially on the car are Heiko’s idea and are done by him.

Most of the adventures I share with Heiko, we are both passionate campers and nature lovers. But nevertheless some of my trips I hit alone with my dog Romeo.

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As I am not a native english speaker I apologize very much for mistakes. If there are really bad ones, please let me know and I’ll correct them. You can send an e-mail or use the contact form. Thanks 🙂

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