Colle delle Finestre

Colle delle Finestre

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Colle delle Finestre

Colle delle Finestre

39 serpentines towards the sky

Key data:

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Piedmont
  • Pass height: 2’176 m above sea level
  • Northern route: 19 km
  • Pavement: asphalt and gravel
  • Winter closure: beginning of November – end of May

The Colle delle Finestre is often used as the northern access road to the Assietta Grenzkammstrasse. The driveway is located in Susa and is well signposted. The first kilometres are asphalted. The narrow, one-way road winds its way up the mountain in narrow serpentines. It happens more often that the curves with the Landy cannot be driven in a train. The road is lined with dense coniferous forest and at the beginning it is impossible to look back into the valley

Colle delle Finestre Serpentinen

At the end of the tarred road there is a small parking lot. From here there is a narrow footpath towards “Monumento Sacro Cuore Di Gesu”, a statue of Jesus Christ. The short walk through the pine forest is pleasant and refreshing; the view of the valley of Susa is magnificent.

Back to the pass road: the gravel road starts from here and the woods clear up to the tree line. Long, straight passages alternate with steep serpentines. The trail passes alpine huts and log cabins. The last kilometres to the top of the pass become steeper and steeper, with more scree on the way. The Landy is now in its element. At the top, there is a small parking lot. From here, the military fortresses can be visited during a walk along the ridge.

Afterwards the drive continues south towards Usseaux/Fenestrelle. The road is tarred again. After a few kilometres the gravel Assietta Grenzkammstrasse starts. If you don’t want to go to the Assietta now, you can take the tarred road to the valley.

Read more in my travel diary of summer 2018.

My ride over the Colle delle Finestre on video

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