Spain is a country in the southwest of Europe. It’s on the Iberian Peninsula and it’s bordered with two oceans: the Mediterranen Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Pyrenees are the natural border to France in the north. The climate in Spain is very different. In the interior the summer’s are dry and hot and the winter’s are cold and windy. The main language is spanish besides catalan, which is spoken in the north of the country. The capital is Madrid. Spain is also well-known for its great wine region and the delicious food. Don’t miss it!

Bucket List of most amazing places to see before you die!
  • Granada
  • Cordoba
  • Sevilla
  • Ronda
  • Valencia
  • Toledo
Bucket list of most amazing hidden places to see before you die!

These list will be updated as often as possible with new sights and new impressions.