SUMMER 2018 | Travel Preparation & Route

Summer Holiday 2018
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Summer Holiday 2018

Summer 2018

I will cross these 4 countries on my road trip:

Italy & France & Spain & Portugal

Route Planning

I started planning the approximate itinerary a few weeks before departure. The route itself is not quite clear, it depends on the weather and is spontaneous. But I kept track of the places I wanted to see. Whether it will all work out this way, we’ll see.

On the map you can see where I want to go. Do you have any tips? Or even a place to stay for me? Or just questions? Then contact me by email, Skype or What’s App. Since I’m most likely driving right now, just write me a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂

Weather Reports

El Tiempo

Travel preparations


  • water canister approx. 30l with service water
  • Shower 12V
  • Efoy-Go with Solar
  • OPTIMUS Polaris Optifuel multi-fuel cooker
  • camping gas cooker
  • camp chairs
  • Barbecue (I’m not sure if I’ll take it with me yet, as there is danger of forest fires everywhere and open fire is forbidden)


You can hardly believe it, but also in Spain and Portugal it can happen that the weather changes and long trousers and a sweatshirt are needed. But it is true that in summer it is usually around 30 C and you only need shorts and a T-shirt. Besides, it can get very windy in the evening especially at the Atlantic coast and then you are happy to have a long-sleeved shirt with you.


  • Spices
  • Vinegar and oil
  • Basic food such as pasta and rice
  • Vegetables for the first two days
  • Bananas and Fruits
  • Power bars
  • Drinking water, beer and iced tea

Click here for my travel diary!

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