WILD CAMPING | 9 Rules and Hints for a great experience

Wild Camping
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Wild Camping

Wild Camping: 9 Rules and Hints for a great experience in the wild nature

Wild camping is gorgeous, especially if you have found a wonderful place that promises loneliness and tranquility. There is nothing worse than having to clear away the dirt and garbage of its predecessors, or the smell of extractions spoils your fun. Unfortunately, I have already found such places and would have screamed out loud with sadness, anger and disappointment. It is therefore understandable that there are countries in which wild camping is no longer permitted.  But in order not to increase the number of these countries, I have decided to write down a few rules for wild camping.

“Respect our nature and all living beings! Respect planet earth!”


1. Know the law of the country

Make sure that wild camping is allowed in the country you are travelling. Some countries have high penalties and are very strict. There are other places where it is often tolerated. Other countries do not have any restrictions. To avoid getting in conflict with the law you should inquire beforehand.

2. Private properties

Avoid camping on private properties, if you are not sure ask somebody or look for another place.

3. Silence

Keep quiet, no loud music, the wild animals will thank you and maybe your human neighbour as well. And with a little luck you might see a wild animal and not only the neighbour! 😉

4. Camp fire

An open fire is a wonderful thing. You can make your food and keep yourself warm. And of course it is very romantic. But anyway make sure that it is allowed. In a lot of countries, open fires in the nature are forbidden by law, especially in the dry season. Never risk a forest fire and thus the life of humans and animals. Respect our environment!

5. Water

Don’t waste water – it is one of the most treasurable ressources we have on our planet.

6. Waste

Take ALL your waste with you and separate it. Try to avoid using plastic or aluminium, instead use glass or recyclable paper bags or mugs made from stainless steel. I always use the one’s from Klean Kanteen. They have bottles in various sizes, food container and as well thermo vacuum bottles .

7. Dogs

If you are travelling with a dog, put her on a leash for the sake of wild animals and for her own security. And use recycled poop bags of course! 

8. Cleaning and Cosmetic

Use 100% biodegradable dish soap and laundry detergent.

Use organic, vegan, cruelty free cosmetic for example from Lavera, Logona or Dr. Bronner. It is better for you skin and your health as well as for our environment.

If you need the natural toilet under the trees, use recycled, same as for dogs and use recyclable toilet paper.

For the ladies:

Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons/pads. No more waste and no more trees killed for the pads and apart from that only little space is required in your cosmetic bag. Last but not least you save a lot of money as you need only one once a year.  🙂 There are many different kinds of menstrual cup’s out there. I can recommend the Diva Cup.

9. No souvenirs

Don’t take any kind of “souvenirs” with you. “Souvenirs” are for example wild animals alive or dead, plants, stones, sand and more. There are protected species of plants and animals which are forbidden to be imported or exported. It can also be dangerous if “foreign” plants and animals are introduced into another ecosystem. Example: the Asian lady beetle, originally native to Asia, was introduced by humans in Europe and the USA and has now largely replaced the domestic lady beetle. The Asian lady beetle can cause a problem for wine production and is also very gluttonous. It has become a plague in some countries in the meantime.

Be aware of the deadly danger from the pine processionary in the Mediterranean region. Read more…

By respecting these rules your next wild camping experience will be a great adventure – granted!

If you think I have forgotten a hint, let me know and contact me or leave a comment below.

Happy Wild Camping! 🙂

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