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Revolut | Das Konto für Weltenbummler

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Financial security when travelling is crucial.

Since early 2019 I’ ve been using Revolut – a digital bank account managed via App on my mobile phone.

What is Revolut?

Since Revolut was founded in 2014, the Banking App has revolutionized the market as a FinTech startup. An account can easily be created via the mobile phone. The verification process also runs via the app. The standard account is free of charge. You can top up your Revolut account by bank transfer or credit card – it’s a prepaid account, so you can’t overdraw and only spend as much as you have. The currency is always the currency of your residence, which is specified in the verification process.  


There are currently three different price categories. In general, it can be assumed that payments of up to EUR 6000 per month in a foreign currency do not cause any additional costs. Cash withdrawals of up to EUR 200 per month are free of charge. In comparison: a conventional bank charges up to EUR 6 for a withdrawal, no matter how high the amount is. You can find the details about the different revolut prices here:

Physical card

There is the possibility to order conventional cards. For example, I have a Maestro card. One card costs EUR 7 (as of 2019) and will be sent to your home address by regular mail. In my case, I received the card within two days. However, it can take up to 7 days, depending on the country you live in. With this card you can pay wherever card payment is offered, for example in the supermarket, at the gas station or in the restaurant, as well as make cash withdrawals at ATMs. The card works with magnetic stripes and/or contactless. This can be set according to your wishes in the app.

Virtual card

A virtual card means that you do not have a plastic card in your hand. However, you can make payments on the Internet or deposit the card with PayPal. For example, I use my Mastercard in conjunction with Google Pay.

Google Pay | Apple Pay

In some countries, both payment methods can already be combined with a Revolut Mastercard. Wherever you see these signs, you can pay contactless with Google Pay | Apple Pay and your mobile phone: 


Clearly, this means that you no longer need a card to pay, just your mobile phone. 

More information about availability in your country can be found here:

Account in different currencies

The national currency often changes when traveling. Revolut offers accounts in more than 150 currencies. 

The default currency in your account is always your country of residence. In my case this is Switzerland. So my default currency for Revolut is in Swiss francs. If you are from Germany, France, it is in Euro. 150 other currency accounts can be added such as US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and British Pound. The currency exchange always takes place at the interbank exchange rate. This is convenient when you are traveling. And the great thing is: you only need to exchange as much as you need.


In order to prevent phishing or other cases of fraud, location-based payment can be activated. With this feature you can only pay if your mobile phone is sharing the same location via GPS. 

Other security aspects:

  • Cards can be blocked via the app
  • fingerprint scanner
  • each booking is immediately visible in the app, even before you hold the receipt in your hand
  • One-way virtual cards for online payments

Further functionalities

  • send and receive money – worldwide
  • det monthly spending limit
  • detailed expenditure analysis
  • full cost control
  • and much more

The most important advantages at a glance

  • different card types
  • virtual and physical maps, as well as disposable maps
  • conversion of foreign currencies made easy
  • full cost control
  • Set spending limits
  • no hidden costs

If you register with Revolut via this link, we will both receive a small gift:

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