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Indicator - blue ring
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Indicator - spring pressure is not working as it should

A few weeks ago I was faced with the problem that my turn signals didn’t stop or jump back into neutral position. The mechanic of my trust helped me and I would like to share this little thing with you.

Do it yourself

You have to remove the steering wheel. For this you need the appropriate puller. The steering wheel could come off pretty hard which was luckily not the case on mine. But you may need a specialist to help you. When you have removed it, you can see the hub with the plastic ring (see photo). The small plastic ring, which is blue on mine, must stand with the marking upwards. If this is not the case, you have to turn it up. Screw the steering wheel back on again. Ready!

Important: Please tighten the steering wheel only with the correct torque which is 43nm. 

If you still have the original steering wheel or never changed it, you may have to replace the turn signal because a cable has been smoked. The latter can happen if your lighting system has not been changed. In concrete terms, this means an extra cable and relay for your light. One of the next posts will be on the light topic, so stay tuned an subscribe to the newsletter.

I’ve already had both cases: During my first evening trip the light suddenly stopped working and the turn signal was gone. This is due to the fact that the cable for the light flows through the blinker and light switch and that it is not designed for the high amperage required by the light. This seems to be a Defender disease and occurs in Td5 and Td4. After I replaced the turn signal, installed the extra wiring with relay for the light, this problem didn’t occur anymore. 

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