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Camping Huttopia Ounans

How to easily set up and take down your roof tent alone! Watch my video!

“It is really hard to close the tent alone!”

“You need to go up on the roof of your Defender!”

“It is easy for two persons but alone, no way!”

I received these and similar answers when I asked in various forums whether I could pitch and dismantle a roof tent on my own as a woman. It was really desperate, because I didn’t get a helpful answer. So I had to make my own experiences. With the help of my husband I found some tricks and tools that make it easy for me as a woman to travel with the roof tent. I hope I can teach you about the simplicity of assembly and disassembly with my video.

Construction and dismantling times vary depending on weather conditions and time pressure. If I hurry, the tent can be set up in 3 minutes and taken down in 5 minutes. But mostly I take my time – I’m on holiday and don’t want to rush! 🙂 A beer is part of the evening’s set-up, of course, and coffee is not to be missed during dismantling.

Tools you need and for what purpose

Tools for opening and closing

Telescopic ladder

As you need to be tall enough to reach the middle of the tent on the car’s roof. I’m using a 2 meter one from Worham. You can order here.

Rope with a snap hook (1m)

I am using a dog leash, it makes it easier to open and close the zipper of the cover. With the rope you have more power and you don’t slip the zipper. You can order here.

Flat screwdriver (robust)

The rods of the entrance part of the tent are quite hard to loosen by hand as you have a bad angle. With the screwdriver you can use the leverage effect. You can order here.

Tension cable with hooks on each end

It helps you to keep the tent folded while tilting it forward during the closing process. See details in the video in Chapter III. By the way, I always use it also as a clothes line 😉 You can orderhere.

Working gloves

These are great to protect your hands and to have more power in the fingers. In the winter they also protect you from frozen fingers. I also use them to refuel the beast as I hate the gasoline smell on my hands. 😉 You can order here.

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