Exterior Conversions

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Exterior Conversions

Exterior Conversions on the Land Rover Defender

Heritage Style – Radiator Grille Aluminium – Black

It’s not plastic, it’s aluminium. Just looks good! 🙂

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Radiator Grille

Headlights Acrylic Glass Panes

To protect the headlights

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Headlight Glass Panes

Bonnet hinges stainless steel

Anti theft and fortified hinges, rustproof and long-lasting

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Door Hinge Set – Billet Aluminium

Rustproof and long-lasting door hinges, dismountable for maintenance

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Door Hinge

Spare Wheel Carrier

Material: Stainless steal, black powder-coated

The spare wheel of the Defender is attached to the rear door. Due to the heavy weight and the poor quality of the original door hinges, the hinges distorts over time and the door does not shut correctly anymore. There is also the danger that the hinges can break. The “Spare Wheel Carrier” carries the weight of the spare tyre, thus reducing the load on the hinges.

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More to come

  • Bicycle Rack
  • Snorkel for raised air intake
  • Snow Cover

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