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Efoy Go!
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Efoy Go!

Efoy Go! The Mobile Powerstation for all kind of outdoor activities

Power supply when travelling is always an issue. Each of us has experienced this: the battery indicator on the smartphone falls below 15% and panic spreads. Or you’ re watching your favorite series on your laptop and the message “only 7 minutes battery life left” appears. Of course, this happens whenever it’s most exciting.

In these situations a mobile power station is suitable. Today I would like to introduce the Efoy Go! to you.

That’ s the Efoy Go!

It consists of a lithium battery LiFePO4, also called lithium iron phosphate accumulator. The rare substance cobalt is used in the lithium ion batteries known to us. The highest worldwide deposit is in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. It is partly extracted under the most inhumane conditions. The workers exploit this with their bare hands. In addition there is the rarity and the radioactivity, which develops with the extraction. LiFePO4 does not use heavy metals such as cobalt or raw materials from crisis areas.

Advantages of a LiFePO4

  • Safety and security
  • Performance and longevity
  • eco-friendliness

Possible Usages

There are many possible uses for the Efoy Go!: camping, on the beach, travelling by car, barbecuing by the lake and so on. The Efoy Go! is small and handy, has a stable carrying handle and is therefore very variable. It weighs just under 6 kg.


  • 2x USB
  • 1x 12V cigarette lighter
  • 1x 230V Schuko socket outlet

Charge and duration

  • 12V from car battery, 5 hours
  • 230V via electricity at home, 5 hours
  • 12-23V via solar panel, 12 hours or more

Solar Panel

A solar charge controller is not required, it is already integrated. A solar module up to 60W can be connected. I decided for the foldable version of Suaoki. The charging time varies very strongly depending on sun strength and sun incidence. You need patience in any case! 😉

Why the Efoy Go!

  • Easy handling
  • many uses
  • Portable
  • No or only little memory effect, long durability and modern technology
  • 230V connection to charge laptop, camera, etc., power converter already integrated
  • USB port for mobile phone, Kindle, camera, etc.
  • 12V connection for water pump and LED interior lighting
  • Expandable
  • Solar charge controller integrated, connection to solar module possible
  • German manufacturer


  • Simultaneous charging and discharging possible
  • No multiple sockets at 230V connection
  • LED display indicates the charging status in %, the respective charging stages flash during charging
  • Usage temperature is between -10C and +40C

Charging the Efoy Go!

  • while driving with the included 12V charging cable
  • if required and if available via the supplied 230V charging cable
  • in sunshine via the solar panel

Use / Unload

  • Engel cool box and water pump via the 12V connection of the Efoy Go!
  • Charging of various devices via USB or 230V output

Please read the operating instructions!


Absolutely positive. However, it is not a replacement for a double battery system. The power station has too little power to be able to stand self-sufficient for several days. In combination with a double battery system, the solar panel and the Efoy Go!, however, you’ re well equipped all around.


Cheap 12V switch boxes have a narrow plug. Therefore they vibrate in the Efoy Go! and it happens that the battery is not charging. This is very annoying. I therefore recommend high-quality distributors for 12V.

P.S: Since I bought the Efoy Go! myself, this is an independent, not sponsored product test. 🙂



Technical Data Sheet

Efoy Go! Technical Data

Efoy-Go!: SFC Energy AG, Eugen-Saenger-Ring 7, 85649 Brunnthal, Germany Official Website

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